Set up dApp

Create a messaging keypair for your dapp

First, you must create a messaging keypair and register it with the Dialect data service. We recommend using the solana CLI to create a new keypair.
solana-keygen new -o <dapp>-messaging-keypair-devnet.json
Be sure to also save the seed phrase that is output to the console.

Register your dapp

Register a new dapp for this keypair using the Dialect SDK. Follow the instructions here.
Dialect's data service never stores your dapp private keys, only the public key.
// Construct the SDK client from all of the above. Let's use 'development'
// for the environment, and pass
const environment = 'development';
const dialectCloud = {
// N.b. we omit the url value here, since 'development' will default to
tokenStore: TokenStore.createInMemory(),
// Use ConfigProps values from example above.
const sdk: DialectSdk = Dialect.sdk({
} as ConfigProps);
// N.b. this created dapp is associated with the wallet public key connected
// to the sdk instance.
const dapp = await sdk.dapps.create({
name: 'My test dapp',
description: `My test dapp's description.`,
blockchainType: BlockchainType.SOLANA