Customizing notifications button

In some cases you might want to use your custom button component.

NotificationButton component can accept a function as a children with the following properties:

  • open - boolean value indicating if dialect modal is open

  • setOpen - react callback to control dialect modal open state

  • unreadCount - number of unread notifications in case if you want to render unread notifications badge

  • ref - react ref callback to your component under the hood. You must pass ref to your button.

Here's example of passing a custom component instead of built-in button:

'use client';

import '@dialectlabs/react-ui/index.css';

import { DialectSolanaSdk } from '@dialectlabs/react-sdk-blockchain-solana';
import {
} from '@dialectlabs/react-ui';

const DAPP_ADDRESS = '...';

export const DialectSolanaNotificationsButton = () => {
  return (
    <DialectSolanaSdk dappAddress={DAPP_ADDRESS}>
        {({ open, setOpen, unreadCount, ref }) => {
          return (
            <button ref={ref} onClick={() => setOpen((prev) => !prev)}>
              my cool button

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