Alerts & Monitoring

This section describes how to set up notifications for your dapp. The end-user experience is the ability for your user's to subscribe to receive timely notifications from your dapp over the channels they care about — SMS, telegram, email, and Dialect inboxes. Flexible tooling allows dapp developers to configure which channels are available, as well as which notification types users can subscribe to — be it NFT buyout requests, liquidation warnings, filled orders, DAO proposal updates, new raffle listings, social posts, etc.

Dialect uses its messaging primitives under the hood to power notifications. In the same way that a business manages an email address to send notifications and other messages to its customers, a dapp manages a wallet keypair for performing messaging with the Dialect protocol (if you're curious how messaging works with Dialect, see the Messaging section).

The rest of this section will abstract away messaging, and focus on the tools used for configuring notifications — from registering a dapp, deciding how to monitor for on- or off-chain events, configuring both the Dialect protocol and traditional web2 channels for sending notifications, to dropping in React components that let your users manage their notifications from your dapp.

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