Decide How to Monitor Events

Notifications can be triggered from a wide range of user behaviors and/or programmatic events. For example: NFT buyout requests, liquidation warnings, filled orders, new DAO proposals, new raffle listings, new social posts, etc.

Option 1: Use Dialect's Open Source Monitoring Tooling

Dialect provides open-source, customizable monitor tooling and service infrastructure to help detect on-chain and/or off-chain events that you would like to notify subscribers about.

Option 2: Use Dialect's Open Source SDK to send Notifications From Your Existing Services

If you already have existing event detection in your own backend service, just jump straight to this section to learn how to send notifications from within your existing service:

Using Your Existing Event Detection

Otherwise, continue forward to learn how to use the Dialect Monitor tooling to detect events and programmatically fire notifications.

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